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PS2 Controller Clean & Re-Condition Tutorial
Easy PS2 Controller Clean & Re-Condition Tutorial That Will Cost You Next To Nothing & You Can Use The Basics For Any Other Controller
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2 months ago
This is a fairly basic tutorial for fixing up a working PS2 controller that's just grubby or has sticky/stuck buttons and/or worn out thumbsticks, it can be used as the basics of a repair guide though.

The PS2 controller just like the PS1 and PS3 ones come in a few different builds, the PS2 have A, H and M, these letters are written on the back in the bottom right corner. This doesn't mean there are just 3 variants, each letter version has a few tweaks, meaning some parts won't fit other controllers with the same letter, most notable is the H build, most have soldered on membranes which means if that's faulty it's just good scrap as it's too much trouble to de-solder and a few have the connecting strip in a ZIF connector, at the time of writing brand new membranes for A, H (ZIF) and M are still available from Chinese eBay sellers.

On this tutorial I'll be working on a H Controller with the ZIF connector that has various sticky buttons and worn out thumbsticks.

You will need the following to fully clean and restore your controller ...

- PZ0 (or Philips PH0) Screwdriver
- 2 Thumbsticks (new or from another PS2/PS3 controller)
- Piece Of Clean A4 Paper
- Household Cleaner
- Cleaning Cloth
- Old Toothbrush
- Rubbing Alcohol (Meths will do)
- Piece Of Kitchen Towel
- The Controller


On a decent sized, clean work surface strip down the controller carefully not losing any parts, I've kept all the small parts in the lid of a small container.

If you are really nervous about not being able to put everything back the way they were, take photos of the controller as you go taking it fully apart.


Start by soaking the buttons, D-Pad part and back plate writing and let them sit for a while, clean every part of the controller where there's dirt, I used an Antibacterial cleaner to avoid germs as this controller is 2nd hand, get into the corners and edges with the screwdriver through the cloth, clean out any dirt on the silicone rubber parts too with the toothbrush.


Put a small amount of Rubbing Alcohol on the piece of kitchen towel and carefully clean all the button contacts on the membrane blowing off any bits of towel that stick.

With the paper, score the black parts of the silicone rubber buttons so that they are not shiny, this will greatly improve it's contact with the membrane, do every one, not just any that were not working great.


Now re-assemble the controller, you can stretch the R1/R2 & L1/L2 silicone rubber buttons a little bit so they fit perfect remembering one end is slightly wider, make sure the R1 and L1 buttons don't go in upside down, on some versions of the controller plus 3rd party ones they look the same, LEAVE OFF the R2 and L2 buttons as these go on last after the controller is complete (It's where nearly everyone get this wrong!).


Test the controller really well. I recommend you download Padtest Controller Test App, a cool little program that will test every function on a PS1 and PS2 controller, it will also work with guns but not USB ones, you will need to add it to your FreeMCBoot memory card for it to work.

http://www.theisozone.com/downloads/pla ... -test-app/
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mrpink999 View Profile
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2 months ago
Nice Tutorial++
Mines full of grape jelly:D
sasapinjic View Profile
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2 months ago
Nice tutorial, i use similar metod, except with less stuff, i only screwdriver, cloth and paper, lol.
zombiegauze View Profile
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2 months ago
Wow! Thank you very much for taking the time to post this. A++++++++++
stillcool View Profile
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2 months ago
I'd been meaning to do one of these for this type of controller as people seem to hate opening them up, it was done specifically for one user here who has just bought a PS2 bundle with dog-eared controllers, there's tiny bits I forgot until it was up but I think it's useful enough as it is.
Biggsy666 View Profile
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2 months ago
Nice tutorial SC, just downloaded the app as i don't have it :)
Tupakaveli View Profile
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2 months ago
Nice tut, thanks for the tip with the L2 and R2 buttons. I have to admit I've been doing it wrong :lol:
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