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Postby gaishasadique » Tue Sep 26, 2017 2:18 pm

Hi !
My brother in law gave me a old XBOX first model with UNLEASHX inside.

I read a lot of forums but I can't find the way to make appear my xbox into my pc's network... I have a network cable, I can see the XBOX but can't enter in, the say that the IP config is bad...

First question : Can someone give me the solution to make my XBOX finally appear to my PC, So I can put some games inside?

Second question : Can I use games directly from the PC to the hardwire without puting in a CD or do I really have to make a CD for playing ?
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Postby nightwo1f » Tue Sep 26, 2017 2:29 pm

i'm guessing your using FTP and/or qwix

First. is your xbox connected directly to the pc or is it connected via router to the pc.

if it's connected directly to the pc. configure both the pc and xbox adapter to

ip: (PC) and (xbox)
subnet mask :

if connected via router
set a static ip, making sure the ip config on your xbox matches your router settings

that or let the DHCP do it's thing.

Second. i don't really get what you're saying but
you can place games directly on the harddrive (i recommend using Qwix app ) and play from the HDD without needing a disc

Link to Qwix : http://theisozone.com/downloads/xbox/to ... extractor/

it work via the network cable. so i your first issue is solved this should work great.

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Postby MisterXiado » Tue Sep 26, 2017 3:09 pm

I just used this video, and the only problem I ran into was my lack of a first-party controller required to complete the hard drive cloning process. That will be remedied shortly.


The part at this timecode is somewhat bad advice, though. If your Xbox is going to be a semi-permanent device on your network, you should assign it an address manually, that fits within the subnet you already use. For instance, the IP address of my router is, while my desktop is My Xbox is
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Postby G3nji » Wed Sep 27, 2017 5:34 am

In order to transfer files from pc to your xbox you either have to use filezilla or flashfxp or coreftp, depends on what works for you. Im using flashfxp after updating my softmod to rockys 2016 softmod as filezilla wont detect mine anymore.

you could use the first method that nightwolf have mentioned above however youre going to need a cross-over cable for that. you can either buy it online or do it yourself. Things you need though is a regular cat5e cable, Rj45 connectors, wire stripper and crimper and ethernet cable tester.


For youre second question, You need C-xbox tool to extract the isos youre going to download and assuming that you have some space at your E: partition or optional partition F:,G:(definitely recommend if you have more than 50gb and wanted a separate partition solely for emulator or games ), you can just put a folder named Games and put the extracted game onto that folder.

Sample of file Structure when you have successfully ftped your xbox

C: DONT mess with this partition, highly recommended to leave it as it should be
E: Mostly where your apps, dashboard skins, and launchers go, You can put a Games folder on this one too.
F: just like in the image, this is where you can put your games, just make a new folder and renamed "Games" or optional("Emulator" if you ever wanted to install coinops)
G: you can do the same thing like in F:
H: totally forgot about what this one does
X,Y,Z i think are caches if i remember correctly
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