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Xbox to Xbox

Postby vespalcx » Wed Aug 16, 2017 2:11 pm

I am looking for some pointers. I am not sure if its even possible,

So........I know how to FTP and this is my fall back position but I have an xbox with some files i want to send to another xbox (Coinops Massive).

I know I can FTP from Xbox 1 to my PC and the FTP back to Xbox 2. Is there a way to connect via ethernet or crossover and send the information from Xbox 1 to Xbox 2 rather than do the job twice as its soooooooo large.

I would rather if possible use the xbox connectivity and save some time.

Any pointers would be helpful

thanks :P
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Re: Xbox to Xbox

Postby MasterOfAll » Wed Aug 16, 2017 2:29 pm

Yes, you can do it in XBMC. You just have to setup the paths. Avalaunch would have been good at it, if it wasn't for the fact you've got coinops installed (It doesn't like all the little files).

Either use your router, or use a crossover cable between the two xboxes.

You'll find it's very slow because the XBOX only has 64MB of memory at most. (A fair bit less because a dashboard needs to be loaded.)

One way I've used in the past is connect up a PC, and two XBOXes through a router. Both the PC and router being able to handle 1Gbps transfer rates. Then use http://www.mucommander.com/ It allows you to connect to two different xboxes at once. That way you get to pull from XBOX1 and push to XBOX2 a lot faster than they could between the two. Not because of the 1Gbps, since the xbox can do 100Mbps at most. But because the PC can handle the data throughput a lot better.

If you've still got the coinops on your PC, it'll be faster just to FTP it all again. FTPing from one to another xbox is even slower.

It might be easier to clone the drives using chimp? If you want a 100% clone. As long as both drives are unlocked, and going into hardmodded XBOXes is rather straight forward. Otherwise, you've going to have to mess about and stick the correct EEPROM on the drives to lock them to their own XBOXes. Just make sure you're using the latest version of CHIMP by Rocky5, if you decide to go down that route.
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Re: Xbox to Xbox

Postby HisDivineShadow » Wed Aug 16, 2017 3:04 pm

Agree about the speed. It may seem it will be slower to FTP to a PC then back to another Xbox but in practice FTPing between Xboxes is even slower.

The easiest dash for FTPing between Xboxes is IMHO UnleashX. Just use a cross-over cable to connect the two, turn them on of course, then open the File Explorer. There you'll find a new FTP option in the context menu. Once set up it works almost exactly as the two panes of the File Explorer normally do except the second pane is the other Xbox.

It works very well and I use it quite often for smallish file transfers between my two most used Xboxes.Things like skin and icon packs and zipped XBMC version updates (usually under 100MB) are ideal but I have used it for some bigger stuff (1+GB) when time wasn't important.

One thing you may find though with UnleashX is that it doesn't like copying some text files without recognised extensions ie. .xml, .ini, .txt and .nfo. It is a bit inconsistent but this can be a problem if you've used XBMC to FTP the original files to the Xbox from PC. XBMC doesn't have the same issue.

What this means is that you can get multiple failed to transfer errors simply because Readme/Licence/Changelog and others text files don't have an extension. Finding the culprits and manually adding them is a pain. I've had particular problems with the XBMC's python and plugin folders.

With a massive CoinOps transfer because of this problem and the slowness whatever dash you use I simply wouldn't bother with Xbox > Xbox FTPing.
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Re: Xbox to Xbox

Postby dreamcast459 » Thu Aug 17, 2017 4:45 am

can this be a sticky
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Re: Xbox to Xbox

Postby HisDivineShadow » Fri Aug 18, 2017 11:24 am

Also meant to mention, as I was reminded myself yesterday, when you're connecting two Xboxes together directly (via cross-over cable) remember to swap to a Static IP address on both machines in the UX/XBMC network settings.

It is easy to forget to do that :oops: if you've been using either Xbox for FTPing with DHCP via a router/PC. You'll get failed to connect error messages if you don't.
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