My Main Problem with Online Gaming

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My Main Problem with Online Gaming

Postby brianunfried » Tue Feb 20, 2018 9:26 pm

It might just be me, but there is something that drives me crazy. It has been happening for a long time now and seems to be getting worst. Just about every match I get into with a headset there is at least one person with a dying smoke detector battery. The beeping comes through the headset so clear sometimes I think it's my smoke detector. Last night I was playing GTA V Online and there were three smoke detectors beeping, I had to leave the game.
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Re: My Main Problem with Online Gaming

Postby TheOmikronNomadSoul » Tue Feb 20, 2018 9:33 pm

I came here expecting to see something like "12 Year old's blasting to shit music while their dogs are barking in the background". But smoke detectors?

You sure it's not you that has the dying smoke detector? :lol:
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Re: My Main Problem with Online Gaming

Postby acr250rider » Tue Feb 20, 2018 10:31 pm

Yeah I don't get the smoke detector thing, but huge BONG HITS drive me a little nuts. I don't care if their getting stoned. I just don't want to hear the gurgling water. Oh and Pissing, Damn people pissing with their mic on...
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Re: My Main Problem with Online Gaming

Postby CBThatGuy » Wed Feb 21, 2018 12:30 am

I would always get some teenager that was obviously high as a kite constantly yelling obscenities for no apparent reason.

I stopped playing games online after I was reported to Microsoft and blamed for cheating just because I mercilessly beat a 12 year old at Mass Effect 3's multiplayer mode.
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Re: My Main Problem with Online Gaming

Postby ZX81v2 » Wed Feb 21, 2018 1:23 am

Reasons why I "Don't do online gaming"
PC Side
1. Extra Costs involved from subs to "Having trouble killing monster - buy this sword for $20"
2. Annoying people who seem eather to have
a. Never played a game before this one (Fekking noobs)
b. Only game in existence they play "L33T A$$H0L3$"
c. combination of both above that use CHEATS Online

3. Online Servers are usually clogged on most common games and the ones that ain't get shut down. Killing games YOU PAYED FOR.

Console side is about the same, but with extra costs of "X-Box Live GOLD Membership" or "PS Network"

I played Warcraft for 4 years of my life and it's time I will NEVER get back.... And for what?
A Set of toons who couldn't hardly advance due to the structuring of big dungeons and notes (a. & b.) or manage other users getting the stuff you needed, even though they couldn't use it...

I have destroyed my originals and all material related to WoW.

Life is more than listening to 6 year olds telling you how to play a fekking game...

The one thing that really piss's me off about console online gaming - The amount of hacks going on. Esp with games like CoD. It's PISS Easy to test if someone is cheating.
Compare bytes at different times on Health, weapons etc... if they don't tally, your perma blocked and branded a cheater.

My lads play CoD and all we hear is "Fekking Fek Fek Fek OFF 3 sniper shots to head and you kill me with a grenade fek fek..." etc...
Originally, I just thought he was shit at the game, but after watching play, he's completely right to say FEKKING FEK FEK....

And by now, you REALLY would have thought these HUGE Games wouldn't have "Clipping Issues"
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Re: My Main Problem with Online Gaming

Postby XamX » Wed Feb 21, 2018 1:36 am

I don't play online. I hate it.

I only play local multiplayer with family & friends sitting next to me.
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Re: My Main Problem with Online Gaming

Postby 6gunn » Wed Feb 21, 2018 2:31 am

ALL of the reasons cited here by everyone are why I don't play online anymore, and never will again.
Money paid by you to continue to play.
Discontinued support for a particular game.
Game site(s) crashing or always "under repair".
Money for weapons
A-holes online

All I can do without.
I have hundreds of games in my collection for Consoles and PC that I've never played yet.
Time for me to get my ass in gear and play them before my ass no longer works :!:
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Re: My Main Problem with Online Gaming

Postby Adam1987 » Wed Feb 21, 2018 2:58 am

What i hate about online gaming when someone playing a competitive online shooter and can't understand the game's simple rules. It drives me crazy that many stupid people play these games despite they probably constantly lose. I just don't get it. It didn't seem they getting better at the game so why are they continue playing it? Like, i had a match in Overwatch with a LVL56 guy and he was acting like a complete idiot, like he was a first time player. Ridiculous and annoying.
Maybe i'm making this way too seriously, but back in the good ol' days, like in Quake 3 Arena, i rarely met with untalented people.
Well, i no more play competitive shooters anymore. Only if i can make a team with my friends but this is very unlikely due to "time problems".
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Re: My Main Problem with Online Gaming

Postby Jodo901 » Wed Feb 21, 2018 4:07 am

Well, the last console I played online gaming on was my Dreamcast. Very minimal audio interaction on that way back when.
The only PC games I ever played online were World of Warcraft and for the last few years Guild Wars 2. So I've only ever had interactions with groups of people trying to accomplish a common goal not competing against each other.
It sounds like I've been missing out on way to much personal sharing. :lol:

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Re: My Main Problem with Online Gaming

Postby CurbsidePharmacist » Wed Feb 21, 2018 5:55 am


GTA5 PC level 667
Come get some cunts.

Cheaters are the only thing that really bothers me on MP games, kids bitching actually gets me moist. I'll just rape the shit out of them till they leave the sessions.
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Re: My Main Problem with Online Gaming

Postby Biggsy666 » Wed Feb 21, 2018 8:15 am

My kid like to play Modnation Racers on my ps3 but everytime he races online i get a ton of requests from complete strangers to come play every other f*cking game in existence. I blame the trophy system for including trophies in games which encourage people to pester others.
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Re: My Main Problem with Online Gaming

Postby sasapinjic » Wed Feb 21, 2018 11:42 am

-Pay to win,
-After short time, pay more to still have some chance against others that pay to win,
-Once you finally get that good weapon/perk, developers implement new one that renders all your previus work obsolite,
-Leveling up and leveling up endlesly, but no matter how much you level you, you are alwais trow in against over level up players,
-Constant anoying pop up notices to connect you Facebook, or some other pisshing message,
-Game forcing you to log in daily (or couple of times in Day) to pick something, to level up or do daily quests, and yet they have loooong loading time,
So obvius cheaters bugging you for days without penalty, and even if they get some sanction, there seems to alwais be some friend in game team that bring them back to annoy you again,
-What little Premium currency you get, can easily be trow away by "convinietly" placed "use Premium currency to speed up upgrade" button right after annoying pop up "connect Facebook" message you are so in a hurry to skip, and naturaly, there is no "are you sure button" to cancel Premium currency spending, but in same time, there is a lot of "are you sure" confirmation messages if you dont want to connect Facebook,
-And after you finally reach some progres, developers fucks you by implementing something that ruin game, or they simply shut down servers, and all your money/effort/time you invested in game is gone,
And lets not forget, all games work on some way :
Level up, upgrade, spend Premium currency on good equipment, level up more, upgrade, spend more Premium currency on new class equipment and trow away old, becouse you cant sell it(not for the Premium currency that is), and repet all every 10th level (and spend, spend, spend), and more you leveling up, it is getting much slower and expensive to go on.
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Re: My Main Problem with Online Gaming

Postby Moandain » Wed Feb 21, 2018 2:09 pm

yea I feel you.... I was a WOW addict and now I look back at all the time I wasted.

the online gaming community has become so competitive that it has become a toxic environment and any resemblance of fun is stripped away.

Lately I just play D3 with my dad. We have fun and just keep it at that.
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Re: My Main Problem with Online Gaming

Postby pochi » Wed Feb 21, 2018 3:20 pm

XamX wrote:I don't play online. I hate it.

I only play local multiplayer with family & friends sitting next to me.

I'd prefer that too, too bad a lot of games I used to play coach co-op removed these functions in favor of online so they can sell more copies...
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Re: My Main Problem with Online Gaming

Postby RUMBLE » Wed Feb 21, 2018 7:08 pm

Used to play Killing Floor, L4D 1 & 2, but I had a group of people I knew, and we usually locked everyone else out of our games so we didn't have to deal with dill holes. Haven't touched those games in a LONG time now.

I set up my own server to play WoW. Never paid to play it. Didn't like the quality of players on the Blizzard servers. I also never liked the fact that that game more or less requires you to play with other players if you want to explore a lot of the dungeons in the game.
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Re: My Main Problem with Online Gaming

Postby ThruMy4Eyes » Sat Feb 24, 2018 5:02 am

Online gaming these days tends to bring out the ignorant retards in most players. And some actual kids online, well they should even be allowed to have a console. Even YouTube by law technically requires you to be at least 13 to make an account - it should be the same to online game, hahaha.

I too prefer local couch multiplayer. No way to lie and accuse of cheating without the possibility of being smashed in the face. That's the way it should be :-)
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Re: My Main Problem with Online Gaming

Postby steven1977 » Mon Feb 26, 2018 5:46 pm

My main problem is buying a brand new game on day of release and having to download a sodding 20 GB patch because its online.
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