Retro Freak stuck on logo screen fix

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Retro Freak stuck on logo screen fix

Postby ClassicGamer90 » Wed Aug 16, 2017 3:12 pm

Hey guys thought I'd share a fix for any of you that has or might run into an issue with their Retro Freak failing to boot.

Several months back I updated my Retro Freak to the latest firmware and it played fine. Fast forward to yesterday, I turn it on for the first time in months only to be stuck at the logo screen, horror and panic shot over me as this thing was very expensive, I tried everything from letting it sit for half an hour to unplugging everything and trying again. I sent Cybergadget a message to see if they had a fix for it but after noticing it may take several days for a reply I decided to try something.

I re-downloaded the newest update that was already installed and turned it on like how I usually update the system but nothing happened. So I went back to their site and noticed in the update section they said to plug the SD card in while the system is on (which I've never had to do before). After I plugged the SD card in I finally got a message to update and after doing so it finally booted up and works just fine.

So if anybody else has this issue you just need to download the update (current or newer) and put the SD card in while the system is on for it to be recognized. I'm assuming it's just a bug with the latest firmware, so keep in mind if you're on the latest firmware you may need to do this again down the road until an update is released, but I restarted the console after the fix and it booted right up.

I have read stories about people sending them back because theirs would get stuck at the logo screen so hopefully this helps someone out.
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Re: Retro Freak stuck on logo screen fix

Postby ikashiru » Thu Dec 21, 2017 4:56 pm

Mine is stuck on the splash screen after a firmware update. Have followed these steps, but it's still stuck on the splash screen. How long did it take to recognise the SD? Very expensive paperweight at the moment. Any help gratefully appreciated.
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