question about CFW

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question about CFW

Postby dreamcast459 » Wed Jul 18, 2018 12:24 pm

ok so i recently got a ps3 slim model cech2101A in a trade i did with a buddy of mine from back east it has CFW info about my system is below

took this info from rebug toolbox

PS3 system: Firmware 4.81

LV2 Kernel: CEX
Target Type CEX
COBRA: 7.31

ok here is what i need to know

#1 how to i upgrade from the 120GB HDD that the CFW is installed on to the 500GB HDD i just bought the HDD is already formatted to FAT32
#2 how do i update my CFW to the latest version
#3 how to i install games to the HDD both retail disks as well as games that are on my computers hard drive

lastly what apps should i install and what guides should i read up on to learn all i need to know about using my CFW PS3 only ever owned an RGH'd 360

also are there any cheats apps? i know on an RGH'd 360 you have trainers
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Re: question about CFW

Postby XamX » Wed Jul 18, 2018 12:53 pm

#1 - you just put the new HDD in, start the PS3 and follow the instruction on screen

#2 - I answered that in one of your last threads and via PM (including links to the needed files)
USB drive (stick or hdd) formatted with FAT32 --> [PS3] (folder) --> [UPDATE] (folder) --> PS3UPDAT.PUP (file)
^exactly like this, that means no lower case "ps3" or "update" folder and no "PS3UPDATE.PUP" file

#3 - you rip them yourself from your game disc via MultiMan or you FTP or copy them to your HDD (internal or external). Paths & foldernames are also in my pics from those older threads & PMs.

(#4) apps - MultiMan & Rebug Toolbox

(#5) cheats - get "PS3Tools", it's a collection of several tools including "PS3 Cheats Editor" (I already sent you that via PM a few days ago)




pick a game, press right mouse button and choose "save as package .pkg", then install that cheat file on your PS3
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Re: question about CFW

Postby duwen » Wed Jul 18, 2018 1:47 pm

Other essential apps; ReActPSN and ManaGunz.
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