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AutoBuilder V5.1

What is it?
A replacement for outdated apps like Kingroach Ndure to allow even a complete noob make an XBOXHDM installer/HDD upgrade disc.

How do I use it?
1) Put the Files and xboxhdm folder on the root of your PC's C drive. Nowhere else.
2)Copy your eeprom.bin (if you have it) to xboxhdm\linux\eeprom.
3)Click the exe and follow the on screen prompts to chose build type, dashboard and emus and apps.
4)When asked if you want to install emus and apps type y and hit enter if this is to be a DVD-r image.
Type n and hit enter if you want a CD sized image.
5)It will automaticaly open xboxhdm folder and make the linux ISO for you
6)Burn the linux.iso it makes at 8x for DVD-r or 24x for CD-r with Imgburn
7)Hook the HDD to a PC, put in the disc and boot
8a)Pick option 3 if drive is locked and type unlockhd -a reboot and proceed to 9
9)Pick option 1 then type xboxhd
10)whenever asked if you wish to continue type yes
11)Pick option 1 Build HDD from scratch
12)Continue to type yes. (if this is a premodded non stock drive that contains files on F you wish to keep type no when asked to format F)
13)When its finished pick option 8 and reboot
14)Pick option 3 and type lockhd -a when asked if you are sure type y
15)Put the HDD in your XBOX and enjoy

Whats different compared to V4/5?
1)ShadowC mod
2)Choice on installing emus and apps
3)New emus including FBL1.12, PCSXBOX21(REDUX),Snes9XBOX and MekaX V3
4)Emus include Xtras compliant ROM sets
5)Choice between DVD size image and CD size image from the exe
6)Rewritten make-iso-win
7)Scarface TWIY skin added as default UX skin
8)XBMC Installer 3.2.2 compliant
9)Latest rewrites to the SID softmod and ShadowC
10)Can build an HDD for in a chip or TSOP XBOX
11)No updates required, GUI and bug fixes applied
12)Faster copying
13)On screen prompts

Trouble Shooting

My disc wont boot, why not?

A-Make sure to use quality media and Imgburn and always burn to DVD-r at 8x and CD-r at 24x.
Also make sure your PC is set to boot from disc

When I type reboot all I get is calling I2C Reset

A-Manualy power off the PC

Linux Locking Tools says my drive is frozen and cant lock it

A-Reboot the PC go into BIOS and disable auto-detection on the primary IDE.
If your PC does not have this option, boot the PC with only the power plugged to the HDD
and plug in the IDE cable once HDM has booted

Linux Locking Tools says it cant find my eeprom

A-Be sure the eeprom folder and eeprom.bin are both named in lowercase letters. Capitals
tend to cause this issue

When I click the EXE to make my installer the command window just opens and closes

A-This is caused by the Files and xboxhdm folders not being on the root of C. AutoBuilder looks
to C and nowhere else for the files needed to build the image.

ldots for writing XBOXHDM 1-1.9
ldotsfan for making HDM 2.2
Hobbs for always being Keeewwl
Legendary_Fire for always willing to be my sound board when hitting a wall
Destronger for continuing Iq and +T+'s work on FBL
Madmab for all the emus and supporting my various endeavors
Amiga1200 for always being willing to be a guinea pig
Boredguy123 for helping with distribution
DW for hosting my files
EmuXtras for hosting my files
XBOX-Hq for hosting and being my home site
Atreyu187 for always being Keeewwl
DJB for providing the base SID exploit for me to modify and update

Videos (watch fullscreen 1080P)
Chip Builds (Evox/UnleashX/XBMC)

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(10 Comments) Latest comment was 5 years ago
SPPV View Profile
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6 years ago
Will have some videos up later today or tommorow
Trond View Profile
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6 years ago
Nice! I'm hopefully gonna need this next time I change HDD in an xbox :) Thanks!
zibalba76 View Profile
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5 years ago
NIce One SPPV! downloading this right away! hopefully this will run under wine in linux? I fubared my fantastic 300Gb drive with unleashx, various emus, loads of xbox raws and coinops 3 full, tried to resoftmod it with my sid5.11 and splinter cell exploit but unfortunuately the way I fubared it was by stupidly clicking on updatexboxdash.xbe in one of the xbox games onmy hdd and so the latest MSdash which it updated to has obviously been patched for the splinter cell exploit. Word of warning! People beware of the sneaky "updatexboxdash.xbe" that can sometimes be found on xbox live compatible games you may have downloaded to your hdd. If you come across it delete that file immediately!
jackyboy View Profile
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5 years ago
Thank you SPPV, just got another XBOX in to mod up and will be using this to pimp it up! :D
pixielmisfit View Profile
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5 years ago
SPPV Is sweat heart he always has great uploads ill be glad to see more from him he always had great stuff
catch_2030 View Profile
Message User
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5 years ago
You won't be seeing more from SPPV on here. I'd rather not explain why since I dont know the full story
kalashnikov47 View Profile
Message User
Thank User
5 years ago
i hope hes not gone for good.
pirate_tar View Profile
Message User
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5 years ago
CurbsidePharmacist View Profile
Message User
Thank User
5 years ago
cuz hes a crybaby that never got his way.
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