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███▒ ░▓▒▒░ ░▓▒▒ ▓███▓ ░▒▒▒▒░ ░▓▒▒░
▓▒▒▒▒ ▓███░ ▒█████▓ ▒████▒ ▒▒▒▒▓ ▒██▒ ░▓▓▓▓ ▓████░ ▒████
░████▓ ███▒ ░▓▓▓▒█████▓ ▓████▓ ▓████ ░███░ ▓████ ▓████ ░░▓████▒
▒███▒▓███ ▓███▒ █████ ▓▒▒▓▒████ ░████░▒██▒ ▓████ ▒███▒ ▓██▒▓████
▓███████▓ ▒███▒ ▓████ ▓███▓░████▓ ▒███▒███ ▓███▒ ▒███▒ ░███▓ ████
██████▒ ▒███▓ ▓████ ▒███ ▒███▒ ▓██████▓ ▒███▒ ▒███▓ ▒███ ▒███
▒█████░ ████▓ ▒███▓░███▒ ▒███▒ ██████ ▒███▒ ████▓ ███▒ ▒███
▓████▒ ████░░████ ▓███▓ ▓███▒ ▒████▓ ▒███▓ ████░░███▓ ▒███
████▓ ████ ▒███▓ ▒███░ ▒███▒ ▓████ ▒███▒▓▓████ ▓███░ ███▒
▓████▒ ░████▒███▒ ████ ▒███▓ ▒████▓ ▓▓▓▓ ██████████▒ ▓███░ ░███░
██████ ▓███▒████ ████ ████ ▓█████▒ ▓███▒ ████▒▒▒███▒ ▓███░ ▓██▒
▓██████▓ ▓███▓ ████ ████ ▓███▒ ███████ ▓▓▓▓░ ████ ▓███▓ ▓███▓ ███▓
███████▒ ▓███░ ▒███▓ ▒███ ▒███░ ▓███████▓ ████ ▒███▓ ░███▒▓██▒
▒██▒░████ ▒███ ░████▓ ▓███░░███▓ ███▓▓███▒ ░███▒ ▒███░ ▒███▒▓▓░
░███ ▒███▓ ▒██▒ ████▒ ░███▒▒██▒ ▓██▒ ░████ ░███▓ ▒███ ████░
▒██▓ ▓███▒ ███▓▒███▒ ▓██████░ ███░ ▒███▓ ▓███▓ ▒██▒ ░████▓

Part of the HQ Network:
www.aideluxe.com www.xbox-hq.com www.360-hq.com www.psp-hq.com www.pc-hq.com

Proudly Presents to you:
Auto-Installer Deluxe v4.53
| Created by: DJB .................... Completed on: 2011-04-11 |
| Homepage: www.aideluxe.com ......... Support: www.xbox-hq.com |
Auto-Installer Deluxe: Dominating the Xbox Community from 2004-2011 and beyond...

Release Notes:
Another 12 months have passed, so its indeed time for a new update of AID.
A whole lot of updates for the Emulators are included in this release, as well as
the latest XBMC stuff. SID v5.11 has now been included.

From now on, you will need a DVD to burn this as its too large for a normal CD.

Enjoy this Release...

Changes since v4.52
* Updated: SID v5.10 was replaced with SID v5.11
* Updated: XBMC Application (revision 30836 2011-04-04)
* Updated: XBMC Scripts, Plugins, and Skins
* Software Added: Atari 7800X 6
MekaX 3
Surreal64 XXX CE B5.4
Vice20X 6
Vice64X 9
VicePETX 5
VirtualBoyX 3
WinSTonX 9
x68000X 5
z26X 7
OdysseyX 3
PCSXBox 21
Surreal64 XXX CE B5.3
ZsnexBox 3.7

Installation Notes:
Use the AID ISO Updater to integrate any desired addon packs into the AID 4.52 ISO
and then burn with your favourite DVD Burning Sofware.

+- Xbox-Hq NFO File 0.5 by DJB +
+ www.xbox-hq.com -+

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2 Part download, Total size 1.95 GB

(9 Comments) Latest comment was 2 years ago
Vevil View Profile
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6 years ago
dvd2vcd View Profile
Message User
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6 years ago
thx for sharing :)
gamergoonboy813 View Profile
Message User
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6 years ago
how do i add a rom set to the already build iso help please
sakpeugeot View Profile
Message User
Thank User
6 years ago
Extract it,add your roms,rebuild iso...
SPPV View Profile
Message User
Thank User
6 years ago
This is covered in the manual. You use the AID ISO Updater to add stuff like ROMs and update packs to AID. Have fun the ROM installation was crap on all releases lol
HisDivineShadow View Profile
Message User
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5 years ago
I downloaded this and had some problems which I thought were due to disc burning issues but now I'm not sure what caused it.

I've been doing some testing on the apparently OK AID v4.53 disc I burned and was annoyed to find certain applications refusing to install from the disc and some AID tools not launching.

This happened, fairly consistently, with two different version Xboxes with different make disc drives. I also re-downloaded the files and repeated the whole process.

I decided to compare it to my AID v4.4 disc which works flawlessly. It was burned on the same laptop, on the same media and using the same burner: Imgburn (ISO) at x3 write speed.

The only obvious difference is the size of the ISO file. The AIDv4.4 ISO is under 700MB, the AID v4.53 ISO is 1.1GB and that's before I updated it to include all the addon packs inflating it with the 1GB dummy file to around 3GB.

So I pared it down to the basic addons packs: 100MB dummy file, BIOS, DHCP patch and XBMC Scripts. Total size reduced to 1.3GB. Burned that exactly as before and, hey presto, everything I've tested works perfectly. Whereas before you could hear the laser struggling to read the disc there's none of that now. The download is good..

What I don't understand is how any of the addon packs could have affected either the burn or the ability to read the information on the final disc. Longer access time maybe but why any other effect?

I do think it sensible to recommend that anyone else using this download, particularly to install/update a Xbox softmod or their main dash, uses the minimum addon packs initially. You can always burn a new disc later.
johnnyj1985 View Profile
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3 years ago
please put on FD as cloudstore is dead now and i would like to download this ty.
punishrs View Profile
Message User
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2 years ago
has anyone downloaded this off filedrop? i'm getting file errors will not extract. I tried winrar and 7-zip
HisDivineShadow View Profile
Message User
Thank User
2 years ago
Try the AID 4.53 Lite version download here if you''re having difficulty with this.

I downloaded that a few months ago and it works flawlessly. I've recently used it to install a dash on a chipped machine and update an old SID softmod.

It has almost everything important that this 'Full' version has, really it is just missing the very large addon packs which are mostly, unnecessary, audio files and skins.
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