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Almost French and Multi versions for the roms !


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Atari :
Captain Blood
Short Grey

Game Boy Advance :
Advance Wars 1.gba
Advance Wars 2.gba
Altered Beast.gba
Asterix - Bash Them All !.gba
Asterix & Obelix XXL.gba
Back To Stone.gba
Boktai - The Sun Is in Your Hand.gba
Boktai 2 - Solar Boy Django.gba
Bomberman Tournament.gba
Breath of Fire.gba
Chobits - Atashi Dake no Hito (J).gba
Chu Chu Rocket !.gba
CT Special Forces - Back to Hell.gba
CT Special Forces - Bioterror.gba
CT Special Forces.gba
D.B.Z - L'H?ritage De Goku I.gba
D.B.Z - L'H?ritage De Goku II.gba
D.B.Z - Supersonic Warriors.gba
Dexter's Laboratory - Chess Challenge.gba
Donkey Kong Country 2.gba
Donkey Kong Country 3.gba
Donkey Kong Country.gba
Dragon Ball Adventure.gba
Droopy's Tennis Open.gba
Egg Mania.gba
F-Zero Climax (J).gba
F-Zero GP Legend.gba
Final Fantasy I & II - Dawn of Souls.gba
Final Fantasy IV.gba
Final Fantasy V.gba
Final Fantasy VI.gba
Game & Watch Gallery.gba
Gegege no Kitaro (J).gba
Gekido - Kintaro's Revenge.gba
Gem Smashers.gba
Ghost Rider.gba
Ghouls'n Ghosts.gba
Golden Sun I.gba
Golden Sun II.gba
Guilty Gear X.gba
Gunstar Future Heroes.gba
Hot Potato !.gba
It's Mr. Pants.gba
King of Fighters EX2.gba
Kirby - Nightmare in Dream Land.gba
Kirby & the Amazing Mirror.gba
Konami Krazy Racers.gba
L'Etrange Noel De Mr Jack.gba
La Panth?re Rose.gba
Mario & Luigi - Superstar Saga.gba
Mario Party.gba
Metroid - Zero Mission.gba
Metroid Fusion.gba
Minus & Cortex.gba
Monster Rancher 2.gba
Naruto - Ninja Council 2.gba
Pocket Music.gba
Prehistorik Man.gba
Shining Force.gba
Shining Soul I.gba
Shining Soul II.gba
Silent Scope.gba
Simpsons - The Road Rage.gba
Sonic 1.gba
Sonic 2.gba
Sonic 3.gba
Sonic Pinball Party.gba
Space Channel 5.gba
Spider-Man - Mysterio's Menace.gba
Star Wars - The New Droid Army.gba
Steel Empire.gba
Street Fighter Alpha 3.gba
Strike Force Hydra.gba
Super Dodge Ball.gba
Super Mario Advance.gba
Super Mario Ball.gba
Super Mario Bros. 3.gba
Super Mario World.gba
Super Monkey Ball Jr..gba
Super Puzzle Fighter II.gba
Super Robot Taisen 1.gba
Super Robot Taisen 2.gba
Super Street Fighter II.gba
Sword of Mana.gba
Tales of Phantasia.gba
The Hobbit.gba
The Legend Of Zelda - The Minish Cap.gba
The Lost Vikings.gba
The Muppets Show !.gba
The Tower.gba
Turok Evolution.gba
Ultimate Spider-Man.gba
Video Cartoon Network Collection.gba
Virtua Tennis.gba
Virtual Kasparov.gba
Wakeboarding Unleashed.gba
Wario Land 4.gba
WarioWare Inc..gba
Wing Commander Prophecy.gba
X-Men - La Vengeance de Wolverine.gba
Yoshi's Island.gba
Z.O.E - The Fist of Mars.gba
Zatchbell ! - Electric Arena.gba
Zelda A Link To The Past.gba
Zelda The Minish Cap.gba

GameGear - Master System :

Asterix and the Great Rescue.gg
Bugs Bunny in Double Trouble.gg
Chuck Rock I.gg
Chuck Rock II.gg
Daffy Duck in Hollywood.gg
Dynamite Headdy.gg
GPortrait Akira.gg
GPortrait Pai Chan.gg
Mickey Mouse - Legend of Illusion.gg
Power Strike II.gg
Sega Game Pack 4 in 1.gg
Sonic Blast.gg
Sonic Chaos.gg
Sonic the Hedgehog 2.gg
Sylvan Tale.gg
Tails' Adventures.gg
Tails' Sky Patrol.gg
Taz in Escape from Mars.gg

Alex Kidd in Miracle World.sms
Andre Agassi Tennis.sms
Asterix and the Great Rescue.sms
Basket Ball Nightmare.sms
Chuck Rock I.sms
Chuck Rock II.sms
Daffy Duck in Hollywood.sms
Deep Duck Trouble.sms
Desert Speedtrap.sms
Ghouls 'n Ghosts.sms
Sonic Chaos.sms
Sonic Spinball.sms
Sonic the Hedgehog 2.sms
The Terminator.sms
Trivial Pursuit.sms
Wonder Boy 5.sms

Megadrive :

AAAHH !!! Real Monsters.gen
After Burner Complete.32x
Alisia Dragon.gen
Altered Beast.gen
Another World.gen
Big Hurt Baseball.gen
Capt'n Havoc.gen
Championship Bowling.gen
Comix Zone.gen
DBZ - L'Appel du Destin.gen
Disney's Aladdin.gen
Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine.SMD
Dynamite Headdy.gen
Earthworm Jim  .gen
Earthworm Jim 2.gen
ECCO - The Tides of Time.gen
ECCO the Dolphin.32x
ECCO The Dolphin.gen
Ghouls 'N Ghosts.gen
Golden Axe I.gen
Golden Axe II.gen
Golden Axe III.gen
Gunstar Heroes.gen
Haunting Starring Polterguy.gen
Joe & Mac Caveman Ninja.gen
Knuckles' Chaotix.32x
La L?gende De Thor.gen
Monster World IV.gen
Mutant League Football.gen
Mutant League Hockey.gen
Quack Shot Starring Donald Duck.gen
Samurai Shodown.gen
Shinobi 1.bin
Shinobi 3.bin
Sonic 3D Blast.bin
Sonic and Knuckles.bin
Sonic Spinball.gen
Sonic The Hedgehog 2.gen
Space Harrier II.gen
Space Harrier.32x
Splatterhouse 2.gen
Splatterhouse 3.gen
Street Racer.gen
Streets of Rage 3.gen
Super Baseball 2020.gen
The Adventures of Batman and Robin.gen
Toy Story.gen
Wings of Wor.gen

Super-Nes :

A Link to the Past.smc
Batman Returns.smc
Castlevania - Dracula X.smc
Chrono Trigger zik soundtrack.smc
Chrono Trigger.smc
Cool Spot.smc
DBZ - Hyper Dimension.smc
DBZ - La Legende Des Saiens.smc
Demon's Crest.smc
Donald in Maui Mallard.smc
Dragon Quest VI.smc
E.V.O. Search for Eden.smc
Earthworm Jim 2.smc
Earthworm Jim.smc
Front Mission.smc
Go Go Ackman 1.smc
Go Go Ackman 2.smc
Go Go Ackman 3.smc
Illusion of Time.smc
Jaki Crush.smc
Joe & Mac 3.smc
Kid Klown in Crazy Chase.smc
Nankoku Shounen Papuwa-kun.smc
Space Megaforce.smc
Star Fox.smc
Street Racer.smc
Super Bomberman 5.smc
Super Ghouls 'N Ghosts.smc
Super Metroid.smc
Super Punch-Out !.smc
Tales of Phantasia.smc
The Brainies.smc
The Itchy & Scratchy Game.smc
Tiny Toon Adventures.smc
Yoshi's Island.smc

N-64 :

Armorines - Project S.W.A.R.M.z64
Diddy Kong Racing.z64
Earthworm Jim 3D.z64
Mario Golf.z64
Mario Kart 64.z64
Mario Party.z64
Mario Tennis.z64
Paper Mario.z64
Perfect Dark.z64
Pilotwings 64.z64
Pokemon Snap.z64
Rayman 2 - The Great Escape.z64
Ready 2 Rumble Boxing 2.z64
Resident Evil 2.z64
Star Fox.z64
Star Wars - Pod Racer.z64
Star Wars - Rogue Squadron.z64
Star Wars - Shadows of the Empire.z64
Wave Race 64.z64
Zelda - Majora's Mask.z64
Zelda - Ocarina of Time - Master Quest.z64
Zelda - Ocarina of Time.z64

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