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Star Wars Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II is a first person shooter computer game. It is a second title in the Dark Forces / Jedi Knight series. For the firs time in the series we are given light saber. To learn how to use it takes some time. In our journey we will also have to choose between light and dark side of the force. Each will give us different powers.
The levels in the game are huge and have a strong Star Wars feeling. Quite unique I shall say. Different than a newer Jedi Knight. Perhaps because of the prevalent grey colour that gives this special atmosphere.

Kyle Katarn the protagonist of the game will encounter many species known from the Star Wars universe. Before he finds light saber he will have to use normal weapons like Bryar Pistol, Stormtrooper Rifle, Bowcaster among others. Of course grenades and detonator will also become useful. Most of the weapons have two different fire mods.

Between missions the player can sees cutscenes with real actors. The are atmospheric and add to the feeling of the game. The game has also great music in CD-Audio tracks. What can be sad about it? Well. Standard Star Wars music. If you did just get out of your cave and never heard it before, I tell you it is good orchestral music, that probably will stick for a long time in your biological neural network.

The graphics are good. It was one of the first games that supported 3D acceleration. But for the sake of your sanity better turn it off, because today it might cause problems.
The game is certainly worth to play. Some consider it as best of the series. Some, even as the best Star Wars game on PC.

DF2JediKnight.7z consists of:
Star Wars Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II 2CD image
Game manual
README.txt with below content:

The installer that comes with JK is not needed. Just follow the steps below. Except for one step, all files are copied from the first CD.
1. Create a folder to place the game files. The default with the installer is C:\Program Files\LucasArts\Jedi Knight.
2. Copy both files from the gamedata\exe folder to the folder created in step 1.
3. Copy the controls, episode, and resource folders (in gamedata folder) to the folder created in step 1.
4. Copy the gamedata\mininstall\res1hi.gob file to the resource folder created in step 3.
5. From the second CD, copy all files from the video folder (in gamedata\resource folder) to the resource folder created in step 3.
6. Verify that all the files copied from CD do not have the Read-only attribute set.
To verify: select all the files in each folder, right-click on them, select Properties, and make sure the Read-only checkbox is clear (i.e. white with no checkmark). Now, you can run jk.exe directly, or setup a shortcut that can be placed on the Start menu or a taskbar toolbar. NOTE: Any registry settings needed by JK are created when JK is run, except for the lobby launching registry settings; those can be created by using the DirectPlay Registry Key for Jedi Knight. To make managing mods and finding multiplayer games online easier, check out JKLauncher. SOURCE: JK Hub - [Tutorials]
In order to allow the game play the proper cd audio tracks play with:
CD1 [mission 1-8)
then CD2 (copy the \GAMEDATA\RESOURCE\JK_.CD from CD2 to the \RESOURCE folder to be able to watch cutscenes from that CD)
It is also good to use Windows 95 compatibility mode.
You can also change the name of the file to something else (for instance to JKN.EXE) if you encounter further problems.
Lower the sound acceleration if you encounter sound glitches or cutscenes/intro run too fast.
After doing everything what was written above the game might work without a problem with 3D acceleration, but it might be a lottery. If there will be some error, you probably will have to repeat the whole installation process described above.
Because of that I advise you to disable the 3D acceleration. With that setup the game should work without a problem.

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(6 Comments) Latest comment was 2 years ago
Anonymous 4 years ago
Thanks. I'll try this game. Just seems like a pain in the ass to set up :lol:
DrunkPixel View Profile
Message User
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4 years ago
Thanks for reminding me about this game- I loved it! I own the cd somewhere. I guess it's time to dig it out and play it again. :) If I can't find it, looks like I will be back for the download. Great work on the full install process Guitar_Man19. Cheers! :)
xordiw View Profile
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3 years ago
For Windows 7/Vista users you might need to add a few steps in order to be able to launch the game. I found the solution is some game forum:

1.Click RMB on created shortcut.
2.Click on Properties.
3.Select Shortcut and go to the end of the target section. Put a space after the quotation marks and add these two: -windowgui -displayconfig. Make sure a space separates the two.
4 Now you're ready to launch. Click OK, then double click the shortcut. It will go ingame, probably in a small window. Go ingame, go to setup on the bottom right, in setup, click Display, you should see "Advanced Options" or "Advanced something" at the bottom. Click it. Don't touch ANYTHING except what's on the left. You want to set the game to render using "RenderBot" or "RenderDroid", which is under the top selection under display "SW: Non-3D] DIBsection windowed display." Click OK, then choose a resolution.
You have to play in a square window with the supported resolutions. You can auto-hide the taskbar and add some black wallpaper in the desktop for the best effect.
DO NOT CHECK ENABLE 3D ACCELERATION. If it's checked, un-check it. Also, Drag "View Size" to one little click under the max. If it's all the way to the right you wont be able to see your HUD. Lastly, and you might have to do this every time you launch the game, I know I do, UN CHECK "Backbuffer in System Memory."
pirate_tar View Profile
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3 years ago
Dark Forces I was a blast, and gets 5 stars, this was so hard to install it got 1 star, it wasn't as good as DF one though.
joelholmes View Profile
Message User
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2 years ago
lol that used to be good graphics HAHA
Lz18 View Profile
Message User
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2 years ago
As old as it is, it can still make you feel queasy from vertigo
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