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Your very first session with The Fallen will reveal one of its most interesting features: You can play as either Worf, Captain Sisko, or Major Kira. Each character has different standard-issue weapons, which is a subtle method for setting the game's difficulty level. Sisko and Kira both carry phasers that never run out of power (though they do have to recharge when they fire repeatedly or for prolonged periods), while Worf is stuck with a Bat'leth. It's a nice-looking blade, but it forces you to get up close and personal when you run out of ammo for other ranged weapons such as various high-tech rifles (phaser, disruptor, and pulse), plasma throwers, and grenade launchers. Another advantage that the handheld phasers provide is that they can be modulated, thus letting you fire through force fields as well as take down certain enemies without using up the ammo of more-powerful weapons. The Worf missions are structured so that there's no need to fire through force fields, but the absence of a rechargeable weapon demands that you put a premium on conserving ammo and contriving alternate methods of killing your foes.

Choosing your character also determines mission objectives and how the story is revealed. If you play as Sisko or Worf, your first mission revolves around the discovery of a damaged Bajoran ship and the arrival of a biomechanical race of space pirates called the Grigari. Worf fights off the Grigari's assault while Sisko beams to the Bajoran ship to rescue survivors. As Kira, the game begins with a trip to Bajor to visit Obanak Keelen, who was an operative in the Bajoran resistance during the Cardassian occupation. A Bajoran monk, Keelen worships the Pah-wraiths - the "True Prophets" - and believes the legendary red orbs of the Pah-wraiths can somehow bring the deities back to Bajor to usher in a new era of peace. As the game progresses, you soon learn that Keelen isn't the only person interested in these orbs: Everyone from the Federation to the Cardassians to the fearsome Jem'Haddar has a reason to track down the orbs.

Works in Xp. You will love this game!

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(6 Comments) Latest comment was 6 years ago
ZX81v2 View Profile
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6 years ago
Needs No-CD patch, else have to keep image mounted. It looks like quite a good game from what I've seem so far, shame about the voice actors. Colm Meany with northen irish accent sounds weird
(Chief O'Brian)
Thanks for sharing this pirate_tar
Anonymous 6 years ago
This a first person shooter?
pirate_tar View Profile
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6 years ago
This is a very good 3rd person shooter
ZX81v2 View Profile
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6 years ago
http://www.theisozone.com/downloads/pc/ ... tle-music/
Replacement title music file (For the die-hard Trekkies out there lol)
DCDannyDoom23 View Profile
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6 years ago
I ll give this a try.
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