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(9 Comments) Latest comment was 1 year ago
Jetstor View Profile
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6 years ago
It was fun back then to dig this compilations in search of good puzzle games, thanks a lot for the up!
Straycatstrat View Profile
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6 years ago
Aye...630 games...and they're unlisted...I'm downloading now, and will create a list of the games.

Anyway, thanks KiraPT, I was looking for some games for Windows 3.1 :)
yadster View Profile
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6 years ago
NAME. Description
--------. ----------------------
0X_10.ZIP Noughts And Crosses Game
1STMATE.ZIP 1stMate - The Pilot - navigation program
3DXWD.ZIP Cyberspace Crossword Puzzle
4PLAY13.ZIP Windows version of the classic Connect 4 game
4WINS.ZIP Another version of the classic Connect 4(TM) game
7CRDSTUD.ZIP Seven Card Stud Poker Game for Windows
8BALLWIN.ZIP Magic Eight Ball for Windows v1.0
ABM_CMD.ZIP A Windows 3.X version of the old Atari Missile Command
ADA_T100.ZIP Solitaire card game where the entire deck is visible
ADVSLN.ZOO Text of a Perfect 550-point Adventure Game
AFORCE.ZIP AlienForce Shoot-Em Up Game
ALIENTIC.ZIP Alien TicTacToe Game
ALPHA.ZIP Mission Alphatron (a Scramble variant)
AMAZE407.ZIP 3D maze game for Windows 3.x
ARACHNID.ZIP Arachnid Card Game
ARCH_TB.ZIP Archery Game for Toolbook
ASTERO03.ZIP Strategy game for MS Windows 3.1
ASTLITE.ZIP Each morning's horoscope for the day utility
ATMOIDS.ZIP Asteriods Game
ATOMS10.ZIP Atoms Game
ATTAXX.ZIP A Reversi-like Strategy Game
AZTEC.ZIP Ancient Aztec puzzle
BACKUP13.ZIP Backup v1.3 - MS Windows board game
BAGO317.ZIP Boggle Game for Windows
BANGBANG.ZIP Yet Another Shoot 'Em Up Game
BANGSNDS.ZIP Additional Sounds for bang20.zip game
BARTEYE2.ZIP Barteyes II: Mouse Tracker/Screen Saver w/digital snd
BCUBES.ZIP BrainCubes Version 1.00 Game for Windows
BDD.ZIP Battles In A Distant Desert Battle Game
BESTPOKR.ZIP Video Draw Poker Challenge Game
BG06.ZIP Backgammon Version 0.06 for Windows
BG200.ZIP The latest version of the original Windows BattleShip
BGAMES.ZIP Brain Games for Windows (requires VBasic Runtime DLL)
BGF2VOL1.ZIP Board Games V1: Chess,Backgammon,Checkers multiplayer
BGF2VOL2.ZIP Board Games V2: FlagShip,Pipes,RaceChase,etc multiplay
BLACKBOX.ZIP Find all the Whatsits hidden in the Black Box
BLACKOUT.ZIP Seek and Find Game
BLCE12.ZIP Block Breaker 1.2
BLITZER.ZIP Helicopter Gunship Game
BLKJACK.ZIP A Black Jack Game
BLWIN350.ZIP Block-Logic (Version 3.50) for Windows
BOG.ZIP Bog Word Game for Win 3.1 v. 2.02
BOMB_SQ.ZIP Bomb Squad Game for Windows 3.1
BONES20.ZIP Bones the Domino Game - Version 2.0
BRICK3.ZIP Mindless Breakout Game (Pong-like)
BRICKV15.ZIP Fast-paced falling blocks game [1.18m]
BUGWORLD.ZIP 3D graphics screen saver game [874k]
BUTMAD20.ZIP Puzzle: goal to turn all buttons gray
BWBLKBOX.ZIP Black Box is a logic board game
CAMAZE.ZIP Create, edit and solve simple mazes
CAN241.ZIP Canasta for Windows V2.41
CANFLD.ZIP Canfield Game
CARDWS17.ZIP CardsWorkShop V1.7f for Windows 3.x
CASTLE1Z.ZIP Epic MegaGames Castle of the Winds Adventure
CAT.ZIP Cat on your desktop follows the mouse cursor
CBP94T.ZIP Pairings for the mens 1994 NCAA tourney for CBPOOL1
CBPOOL1.ZIP College Basketball Pool Manager
CCWIN2.ZIP Crossword Compiler for Windows v2.02
CELLWR10.ZIP Cell War Game for Windows
CHEAT100.ZIP Check off which cards have been played in a card game
CHECKERS.ZIP Checkers Game
CHESS200.ZIP Modem Chess for Windows [470kb]
CHESS321.ZIP Gnu Chess Version 3.21 Game for Windows 3
CLICKIT.ZIP Double-Click Dexterity Game for Windows
COFMUG10.ZIP CoffeeMug Spills on Desktop
COLUMNS.ZIP Columns Game for Windows
COMET.ZIP Comet Busters: high-speed arcade game for Win 3.1
COMPOUND.ZIP An "annoying" addictive little word game
CONCENTR.ZIP Concentrate 3.0b is a concentration game
CONFND10.ZIP Confound It game for Windows
CONSTUT3.ZIP Windows 3.1 card game Constitution
COOKIE.ZIP Fortune Cookie Program
CRIB11.ZIP Cribbage Game
CRIBBAGE.ZIP Cribbage the card game for Windows
CRIBW07A.ZIP Cribbage game for Windows
CROQUET1.ZIP Croquet Solitare Card Game
CRYPTO15.ZIP Crypto! v1.5 Windows cryptogram game
CSBT.ZIP CardShark Bridge Tutor
CSHRTS37.ZIP Card Shark Hearts, play the computer
CSNO21.ZIP Casino Black Jack for Windows V.2.1s
CSTONE10.ZIP CornrStone: Rubick's-Cube-type of puzzle
CUBIC.ZIP Rubik's cube for Windows
CVBJ.ZIP Casino Verite Blackjack game [1.15mb]
CWEVAL10.ZIP Cross Words Deluxe v1.0
CWS30.ZIP Computer Word Search: Find hidden words
DARE2DRM.ZIP Dare to Dream: Graphic adventure game
DBM10.ZIP Double Match - match pics, then guess secret phrase
DEAPSEA.ZIP Deep Sea Adventure Game
DES4WIN.ZIP Destroyer Game
DESK1.ZIP Desktop Animation
DIALWORD.ZIP Create All Possible Words from Telephone Numbers
DISCARD.ZIP Discard: Windows Solitaire game meant to drive you nuts
DODGER.ZIP Arcade style Windows game
DOGCOW.ZIP Dogcow Animated Icon
DRAUGHTS.ZIP Draughts/Checkers player and tutorial system
DRAW530.ZIP Draw Poker Game
DRIFT.ZIP Icons Drift All Over the Place
EGGCARTN.ZIP "Egg Carton" strategy game
ELECTRO.ZIP Electro-Cute: Windows word-guessing game
ELVISD10.ZIP Elvis Scanner for your Windows System
EUCH11.ZIP Freeware card game Euchre for Windows 3.1
F18NFZ.ZIP F18: No Fly Zone Game [1.26mb]
FIBSW121.ZIP First International Internet Backgammon Server [FIBS]
FISH3.ZIP Microsoft Fish!
FLASHER.ZIP Strobe Lights for Windows
FRAINT18.ZIP Fractint for Windows (ver 17.30)
FS101.ZIP New solitaire for Windows
FUSE.ZIP Yet Another Fuse Program/Game for Windows 3
GATLING.ZIP Annoying Noisy Game to Riddle the Screen w/Bullet Holes
GAZ1.ZIP Gazillionaire galactic trading game (1/3) [1.37m]
GAZ2.ZIP Gazillionaire galactic trading game (2/3) [1.30m]
GAZ3.ZIP Gazillionaire galactic trading game (3/3) [719k]
GEMS10.ZIP Windows brain-teaser: turn all gems from red to green
GETALIFE.ZIP Conway's "Game of Life"
GOLDHUNT.ZIP Gold Hunt Version 1.1 Treasure Hunt Game
GOMOKU2.ZIP GoMoKu: Five in a Row Game for Windows
GRADIT10.ZIP Graditor is an action game for Windows
HANGM.ZIP Hangman 2 Word Game for Win 4.0, NT, and Win32s
HANGMAN.ZIP Hangman for Win 3.1 v. 1.05
HANOI10.ZIP Hanoi game
HERECOME.ZIP Here They Come! is a fast-paced shoot 'em up game
HMAN10.ZIP Hang Man word puzzle game
HORSE.ZIP Galloping Horse in an Icon
HYPEROID.ZIP Asteriods Game w/Source
ICONRMBR.ZIP Icon Remember Game ver. 2.0
ISHIDOT1.ZIP Tiles Game for Windows
JOKER12.ZIP Jokes on demand
KISMET.ZIP Kismet dice game for Windows
KLOKS10.ZIP Kloks v1.0 Puzzle for MS-Windows 3.1
KNIGHTTR.ZIP Knight's Tour Game for Windows
KYE2.ZIP Pacman Like Game
LANDER3.ZIP Lunar Lander Game for Windows 3
LASER.ZIP Laser Trace game based on the Black Box game
LAVA.ZIP Lava Lamp for Windows
LIFE.ZIP Windows Implementation of Conway's Life
LIGHT.ZIP Electric Light Game
LIL256.ZIP Lost In Labyrinth 256 Color Game
LINK4130.ZIP LINK FOUR Version 1.30 - A Strategy Game
LNBTLSHP.ZIP LAN Version (also Standalone) Battleship Game
LOOPZ11.ZIP A game of action/reflexion
LOSTRL.ZIP Frustrating puzzle game
LTBLIT31.ZIP A Plant Disease Management Game
MAGIC.ZIP Dominoes for Windows
MAZE2.ZIP Maze game for Windows
MB.ZIP Mile Bones Automobile Card Game
MCHEAT.ZIP Program cheats at MS-Minesweeper w/tpw-src
MEDWAR11.ZIP Wargame set in Medieval times
MEMGM10.ZIP The Memory Game, Version 1.0
MERLIN.ZIP Merlin: A Windows Game
MICRO15.ZIP Action-adventure game for Windows 3.1 [545k]
MIND12B.ZIP Another MasterMind For Windows
MINEHL1A.ZIP International Minesweeper assistant/solver
MINES.ZIP Minefield Game for Windows 3 (with source)
MISSILE.ZIP Missile Attack! Game (with sound)
MISSMAST.ZIP Another Missile Game (vbrun100.dll req)
MJWIN.ZIP Mah Jongg for Windows
MOTELS.ZIP Based on the board game, Hotels [367k]
MOTHER12.ZIP Mother Of All Battles! v1.2b
MRMIND.ZIP Tile/Bagel Game for Windows
MYCATS.ZIP Cats Running All Over
NEDWORLD.ZIP Neural network to train a little critter
NEKO20.ZIP Neko the Cat Chases Your Mouse Around
NMMW08.ZIP Nine Men's Morris Chesslike Game (ver 0.8)
NUTS.ZIP Rotate and move hex nuts so numbers match up
OMYWD1E.ZIP Find the 5 letter word chosen by the computer
OOOC.ZIP Order Out Of Chaos - A hypnotic Windows game
OUIJA.ZIP Ouija Board for Windows
OUIJAWIN.ZIP Electronic Ouija Board
PAIGOW.ZIP PaiGow Poker for Windows Ver 1.0b
PAL21.ZIP Dragon's Plight Game for Windows (vbrun100.dll req)
PATUMN14.ZIP Collect all the Pills in the Labyrinth
PEGPUZL.ZIP A Peg-jumping Puzzle
PEND12.ZIP Pendulous: Win3/3.1 strategy game based on warfare
PENSATE.ZIP Pensate Strategy Game for Windows
PENT1020.ZIP Pentomino Puzzle for Windows
PENTPUZL.ZIP Try and fill a rectangle with pentominoes
PFW.ZIP Panzerkrieg Two Player WWII Game
PIPE.ZIP A Pipe-laying Game
PKRVLT10.ZIP Video Lottery Terminal style poker game
POKER.ZIP Draw Poker for Windows
POKERPAT.ZIP Poker Patience Game
PPROF.ZIP Piano Professor(tm) for Windows [1.6mb] w/patch
PRANK.ZIP Windows Trick Drags your desktop around
PUNDIT.ZIP PopUp Useless Sayings
PUZZLE.ZIP A Puzzle Game
PZL8.ZIP Puzzle-8 for Win 3.1 v. 1.04
QCWGAM25.ZIP Shoot-everything-that-moves Space adventure [1.39mb]
RANGOON.ZIP Rangoon is a game of solitaire
REVERSI.ZIP Microsoft Update to Reversi
ROACH.ZIP Roaches Everywhere!
ROBOTS.ZIP Robots is a solitaire-like game
ROULETTE.ZIP Roulette Version 1.0
SCARYWIN.ZIP Scared Windows Toy
SCAT101.ZIP Easy to learn addictive card game w/computer opponents
SCW101D.ZIP Strategic space game of colonization and conquest
SEAHAV20.ZIP v2.0 of Seahaven Towers, a solitaire card game
SIMONE12.ZIP Simone: shareware memory game for Windows
SOCCER94.ZIP Soccer Management Simulator soccer strategy game
SOKO.ZIP Sokoban for Windows Release 2.2.5
SOLI120.ZIP Super Solitaire for Windows [760k]
SOLO0_04.ZIP Solitaire graphical game maker and player
SPACEW.ZIP Shoot the center of the rotating walls
SPANIT.ZIP Span-It! is a two-player connect-the-dot game
SPIDER.ZIP Spider is a Windows 3.1 solitaire game
SQUIRMER.ZIP A centipede-like game for Windows with extras
SSBATL.ZIP THE BattleShip game for Windows with a twist!
STELLAR.ZIP Stellar Explorer Game Ver 1.0
STLEMP10.ZIP Stellar Empires, conquer the stars
STOPBUS.ZIP Stopbus v1.11 for Windows is a card game3
STV100.ZIP Story Twister for Windows Version 1.0
SUBLIM20.ZIP Select subliminal messages to appear in Windows
SWATM11.ZIP Swat objects as they appear on screen
SYMP10.ZIP A Crossword Grid Editor for MS Windows 3.1
TAIPEI.ZIP Taipei Game
TANK.ZIP Combat Tanks V1.0 for Windows
TARGET.ZIP Target: Dart Shooting Game
TELPZL.ZIP Telephone Puzzle for Win 3.1 v. 1.02
THINGS.ZIP Thieves and Kings card game
TILES.ZIP Tiles and Tribulations v1.0 is an action arcade game
TILETRIB.ZIP Game of tiles
TOBOR.ZIP Tobor Shoot 'Em Game
TOWERS11.ZIP 4 Towers Solitare Game
TRE7.ZIP Italian Tresette game
TRYME.ZIP BrickBreaker II brick-breaking game [360k]
TSLOT22.ZIP Slot Machine Game for Windows
UFOTK10.ZIP UFO Tracker, space shoot-em-up w/sound support
VBDALEKS.ZIP Daleks Game for Windows
VERMIN.ZIP Squish Bugs Game
VIDPKR20.ZIP Video Poker for Windows
W5CARD.ZIP W5CARD is five card draw poker for Windows
WARHEAD.ZIP War Head City-Missle Attack Game
WAST.ZIP Wasteroids 1.0 is a Windows based asteroids game
WEMPIRE.ZIP Empire game for Windows
WEYES11.ZIP Yet Another Eyes App
WFBALL11.ZIP Windows Football Game
WFIGHT08.ZIP WinFight Version 0.8
WGRAM10.ZIP Windows Anagram Word puzzle game
WHEARTS.ZIP Hearts Card Game for Windows
WINADD11.ZIP Advanced Dungeons and Dragons Windows Game Tool
WINADV21.ZIP Colossal Cave Adventure for Windows
WINANT.ZIP WinAnt 3D rescue game with hero/heroine + vicious ants
WINCHS.ZIP Windows Chess Game
WINCOW.LZH Windows Cow Game
WINCRIB1.ZIP Black Dog Cribbage game for Windows
WINDOG10.ZIP Prairie Dog Hunt, arcade-style game
WINEYES.ZIP New WinEyes with Source
WINGO130.ZIP A fun and challenging version of Bingo for Windows
WING_WRI.ZIP Microsoft Game Developer's Handbook
WINJACK.ZIP Windows BlackJack Game
WINOJ.ZIP Not really O.J., but an incredible simulation game.
WINPOKER.ZIP Poker! for Windows
WINPOOL.ZIP Windows Billiards Game
WINROLL.ZIP Generate money like a money machine
WINSIEGE.ZIP Siege! strategy game to capture land
WINSLOT.ZIP Windows Slot Machine
WINSO11.ZIP Sokoban Game for Windows
WINSOLIT.ZIP Windows Solitare (Ver 92.01.04)
WINSPIDR.ZIP Windows Spider Solitare Game
WINTTT.ZIP 3D Tic-Tac-Toe Game
WINUHS.ZIP Windows Hint System for Games
WINZEE.ZIP Winzee V2.21: A Yahtzee (dice) game; 6 cols, 6 players
WLIFE.ZIP W-Life version 1.0 is a port of XLife 2.0
WLOTTO.ZIP Windows Lotto Game
WMAKE5.ZIP Five-in-a-Row Game for Windows
WM_USA.ZIP WinMind 2.0: mind game for Windows 3.1 and NT
WORDHUNT.ZIP Computerized Version of a Word Search Puzzle
WORDMAN.ZIP A pac-man clone
WORDSTOK.ZIP Word Stalk Game
WORM.ZIP Worms all over the place game (with source)
WORMWAR.ZIP Centipede-like Game
WROIDS20.ZIP Version of Asteroids Game for Windows
WSLAM.ZIP Air hockey game for Windows
WSLOT2.ZIP Windows Slot Machine Game
WSRCH10.ZIP WordSearch Mania v1.0 - Solve Word Search Puzzles
WTAROT.ZIP Automatic Tarot card spread - tell your fortunes
W_HOP.ZIP Hop-Over Puzzle Game for Windows
W_OHACK.ZIP The game of Hack for WinOne Windows Shell
XWORD.ZIP Crossword Puzzler
YABWEYE.ZIP Yet Another Eyes App
YAHTZE11.ZIP Chinese dice game called Yahtzee
YAHT_C.ZIP Windows version of the popular dice game Yahtzee
YAHT_SEE.ZIP Yaht-See for Windows v1.0
YALIFE.ZIP Yet Another implementation of the game of Life
YOVA11.ZIP Yet Another Version of Attacks: Othello-like Game
YOW.ZIP WinYow - An Interactive GUI Fortune for Windows
YOWSRC12.ZIP Source to WinYow
YTZ110R.ZIP Yacht-Z: A dice strategy game
bms View Profile
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6 years ago
a lot of games but not quality games
Dreamcast90 View Profile
Message User
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6 years ago
would this work for windows vista or newer
SpeedySPCFan View Profile
Message User
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6 years ago
You would have to test the games seperately, but they're programmed for Windows 3.0, so good chance Vista won't run alot of these.
Dreamcast90 View Profile
Message User
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6 years ago
well i could try... but great upload... im going to have thes for a longtime
sweetladyamy View Profile
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1 year ago
Not every game will run without the needed dlls.

However, some games are just meant to be small distractions like BRICK3.
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