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This is a basic Amstrad CPC HyperSpin setup as requested

Play some good old Amstrad pixelated goodness:)

One small error when booting a game, just press enter: Voila
This is an WinApe issue, not a HS issue
I don't care atm :D

No install \ Simple instructions included:D


190 Games:

Abu Simbel Profanation (1985).DSK
After Burner (1988).dsk
After the War (1989).DSK
Alien 8 (1985).dsk
Alien Syndrome A (1988).dsk
Angel Nieto Pole 500 (1990).DSK
Antiriad, La Armadura Sagrada.dsk
Army Movies (1986).DSK
Aspar G.P. Master (1988).DSK
Asphalt (1986).dsk
Astro Marine Corps (1989).DSK
Barbarian 1 (1987).dsk
Barbarian II.dsk
Batman - The Movie (1989).dsk
Batman (1986).DSK
Batman Caped Crusader (1988).dsk
Bestial Warrior (1989).dsk
Beyond the Ice Palace.dsk
Bronx (1989).DSK
Bruce Lee.dsk
Bubble Bobble (1987).dsk
Budokan A (1990).DSK
Budokan B (1990).DSK
Bumpy (1989).dsk
Camelot Warriors (1985).DSK
Capitan Sevilla (1988).DSK
Carlos Sainz (1990).DSK
Cauldron 2.dsk
Chicago's 30 (1988).DSK
Coliseum (1988).DSK
Comando Quatro (1989).dsk
Comando Tracer (1988).DSK
Combat School (1987).dsk
Commando (1985).DSK
Continental Circus (1989).dsk
Corsarios (1989).DSK
Cosa Nostra (1986).DSK
Curro Jimenez (1989).DSK
Cybernoid 1 (1988).DSK
Daley Thompson's (1985).dsk
Daley Thompson's Supertest (1986).dsk
Dan Dare 3 (1990).dsk
Defend or Die (1985).dsk
Deflektor (1987).dsk
Desperado (1987).DSK
Desperado 2 (1991).DSK
Dick Tracy (1990).dsk
Double Dragon (1988).dsk
Double Dragon II (1989).dsk
Dragon's Lair 1 (1986).dsk
Dragon's Lair 2 (1987).dsk
Dustin (1986).DSK
El Capitan Trueno (1989).DSK
El Equipo A (1988).dsk
El Equipo B (1988).dsk
El Misterio del Nilo (1987).DSK
El Zorro (1985).dsk
Emilio Butragueno 1 (1988).DSK
Emilio Butragueno 2 (1989).DSK
Emilio Sanchez Vicario Grand Slam (1989).DSK
Exolon (1987).DSK
Fernando Martin Basket Master (1987).DSK
Fred (1983).dsk
Freddy Hardest (1987).DSK
Freddy Hardest en Manhattan Sur (1989).dsk
Fruity Frank (1984).dsk
Game Over (1987).DSK
Game Over II (1988).DSK
Gates to Hell (2006).dsk
Gauntlet (1985).dsk
Ghost & Goblins (1986).dsk
Ghostbusters (1984).dsk
Gonzzalezz (1989).DSK
Goody (1988).dsk
Gorbaf el Vikingo (1987).DSK
Green Beret (1986).dsk
Gryzor (1987).DSK
Gun Smoke (1987).DSK
Gunfright (1985).dsk
Head over Hells (1987).dsk
Hundra (1988).DSK
IK + (1988).dsk
Ikari Warriors (1986).dsk
Impossible Mission (1986).dsk
Impossible Mission 2 (1988).dsk
Indiana Jones And The Temple Of Doom (1987).DSK
Jack the Nipper 2 (1987).DSK
Jai Alai (1991).DSK
Jet Set Willy (1985).dsk
Jungle Warrior (1990).DSK
Knight Lore (1984).dsk
Kung Fu Master (1986).DSK
La Abadia Del Crimen (1987).DSK
La Aventura Original (1989).DSK
La Espada Sagrada (1990).DSK
La Pulga (1983).dsk
La Pulga II (1991).DSK
Las Tres Luces de Glaurung (1986).DSK
Livingstone Supongo (1986).DSK
Livingstone Supongo 2 (1989).DSK
Lorna (1990).DSK
Mad Mix 2 (1990).DSK
Mad Mix Game (1988).DSK
Manic Miner (1984).dsk
Mega Phoenix (1991).dsk
Metropolis (1989).DSK
Michel Futbol Master (1989).DSK
Midnight Resistance (1990).dsk
Mike Gunner (1989).dsk
Mithos (1990).DSK
Moon Cresta (1986).dsk
Mortadelo y Filemon (1988).dsk
Mortadelo y Filemon II (1989).DSK
Mot (1989).DSK
Mr Heli (1988).dsk
Mundial de Futbol (1990).dsk
Mutan Zone (1988).DSK
Nanako (2007).dsk
Navy Movies (1988).DSK
Nonamed (1986).DSK
Oh Mummy! (1985).dsk
Ole, Toro (1985).DSK
Panza Kick Boxing (1990).dsk
Parin Dakar (1988).DSK
Perico Delgado Maillot Amarillo (1989).DSK
Phantis (1987).DSK
Phantomas 2 (1986).dsk
Phantomas Saga Infinity (2006).dsk
Pipe Mania (1990).dsk
Poli Diaz (1990).DSK
Prince of Persia (1986).dsk
Prohibition (1987).dsk
Pyjamarama (1985).dsk
R.A.M (1990).DSK
Rambo - First Blood Part II (1986).dsk
Rambo 3 (1988).dsk
Renegade (1987).dsk
Rescate Atlantida (1989).DSK
Rick Dangerous (1989).dsk
Rick Dangerous 2 (1990).dsk
Robocop (1987).dsk
Rock'n Roller (1988).DSK
Roland Ahoy! (1984).DSK
R-Type (1987).dsk
Saboteur (1986).dsk
Sabre Wulf (1985).dsk
Sai Combat (1986).dsk
Satan (1989).DSK
Savage (1988).dsk
Senda Salvaje (1990).DSK
Shadow Dancer (1991).dsk
Shadow Warriors (1990).dsk
Shinobi A (1989).dsk
Shinobi B (1989).dsk
Silkworm (1988).dsk
Sir Fred (1985).DSK
Sirwood (1990).dsk
Sito Pons 500 c.c. Grand Prix (1991).DSK
Sol Negro (1988).DSK
Soldier of Light (1989).dsk
Spirits (1987).DSK
Stardust (1987).DSK
Street Figther (1988).dsk
Super Off Road Racer (1990).dsk
Survivor (1987).DSK
Target Plus (1988).DSK
Target Renegade (1988).dsk
The Goonies (1987).DSK
The Last Mission (1987).DSK
The Prayer Of The Warrior (1992).dsk
Titanic (1988).DSK
Toi Acid Game (1989).DSK
Tuareg (1988).DSK
Turbo Girl (1988).DSK
Turrican A (1990).dsk
Turrican B (1990).dsk
Ulises (1989).DSK
Viaje al Centro de la Tierra (1989).DSK
Wec Le Mans (1988).dsk
Wells & Fargo (1988).DSK
West Bank (1985).DSK
Western Games (1988).dsk
Who Dares Wins II (1986).DSK
Xenon (1988).dsk
Zipi y Zape (1989).DSK

We are no longer offering download links

Thanks to everyone who helped make this site, and thus the world, a better place.
We have some fresh ideas of where to go next. We also want to hear yours!

Read our statement

Update: We are working on an idea which would archive every single retro title while benefitting the publishers! Hope to get a working prototype released soon. It's a long shot and all depends on these companies going for it - But it's worth a try. Submit your suggestions

(6 Comments) Latest comment was 11 months ago
erik1977 View Profile
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11 months ago
Nice, thank you.
mrpink999 View Profile
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11 months ago
Disk artwork fixed

Enjoy :D
pspjoe View Profile
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11 months ago
Many Thanks
wakinafuf View Profile
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11 months ago
nice job here, pinky x)
kremiso View Profile
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11 months ago
I MUST try it ! GRAZIE !
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