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Just wanted to have the scene release of this on the tracker as the main site doesn't seem to host the file anymore.

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                  .MMMMMMd                          sNNMMMMm
                  .MMMMMMd                          sNNMMMMm
                  -MMMMNMd                          sNNMMMMm
                  -MMMMMMd         VMU TOOL         sNNMMMMm
                  -MMMMMMd     -DREAM EXPLORER-     sNNMMMMm
                  -MMMMNMd          v0.8.5          sNNMMMMm
                  -MMMMNMd                          sNNMMMMN
                  -MMMMNMd                          sNNMMMMN
                  -MMMMNMd                          sNNMMMMN
                  -MMMMNMd                          sNNMMMMN`

VMU Tool (a.k.a Dream Explorer) is an application for the Dreamcast that allows
you to explore the content of your VMU, PC, and CD/GD, and open their files
in the numerous bundled tools.

Among other things you can easily backup up VMU files to PC and vice versa, or
download VMU files from CD. DCI and VMI+VMS files are supported as well as raw
or DCM dumps.

The VMU menu lets you:
- browse your VMUs (includes hidden files)
- unlock 44 extra blocks for your VMUs
- compress/uncompress VMU files
- draw your own icon for the VMU screen
- defragment the VMU files
- play VMU minigame on your TV with the VMU emulator
- change the background image of the Dreamcast's boot menu
- hexedit VMU files
- view PSO screenshots
- edit Gameshark CDX codes
- and much more...

The PC/CD explorer lets your freely browse the directories of your PC's hard
drive disk or the CD/GD inserted in your Dreamcast.

You can open BMP, JPEG and PNG images as well as PVR textures in an image viewer
with many features such as zoom, rotation, flipping, slideshow...

There's also an audio player for playing MP3, Ogg Vorbis and Wave sounds with a
timer displayed in real time.

And if you want to read text files easily from your Dreamcast you can open them
in the text viewer. It displays formatted text with auto carriage return.

The GUI is fully themable. You can select a wallpaper from your PC or a CD/GD in
your Dreamcast. The menus' background color and opacity as well as text's color
can be changed in options or loaded from a theme file.

Menus texts are translated to English (fully) and French (mostly), and also
partly to German, Dutch, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish and Polish.

You can use the pad or the Dreamcast keyboard to browse menus and enter text,
keyboard's keys position can be changed in options.

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(16 Comments) Latest comment was 4 months ago
psyko_chewbacca View Profile
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5 years ago
Really nice. This is an awesome tool for memory card management. DC homebrew at it's best.
atreyu187 View Profile
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5 years ago
I'm sure this is on the site but couldn't find it under its actual name and i doubt it is oRAR's with sfv validation such as this release.
Rafa2ISO View Profile
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5 years ago
atreyu187 as always with good stuff.
GoldenAxeWarrior View Profile
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5 years ago
This is probably my favorite homebrew Dreamcast CD that I own. Just like the description says, you can compress data files, emulate a VMU game, and unlock 44 blocks. The emulator was indispensible to me because my Dreamcast memory card has no screen, just a cheap knock off job. The 44 extra blocks trick worked well even on that kind of a memory card, which was something I was worried about.

My only warning is, when I tried to decompress a VMU file that was too big to fit, it deleted it before finding out it couldn't fit, and my save data was lost forever. So make sure you have plenty of room if you decompress stuff.
mistamontiel View Profile
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4 years ago
I burnt this a long time ago, many thanks. But how do I get the 3D BIOS ? So I must wipe a VMU before doing it..? Referring to this TIZ tut http://www.theisozone.com/tutorials/dre ... -vmu-tool/
Anthony817 View Profile
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4 years ago
You put the game save on it and then press start in the dashboard and it lets you mess with it. Just get VMU Tool and grab the save that is listed on the tut and you are good to go.
kulgor View Profile
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4 years ago
I have a doubt: if I open Dream Explorer cdi file with Daemon Tools and insert the vmi files from my pc into the vmu saves folder will they work?
I ask because I noticed that every save file has "three parts" (or something like that):

and so on...
atreyu187 View Profile
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4 years ago
No you meed to extract the cdi then rebuild with bootdreams after inserting new fikes
Anthony817 View Profile
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4 years ago
You might be able to burn the saves to a disc I believe as plain files and do disc swap after opening vmu program.

I know I burnt plain VMU mini games to a cdr and booted up VMU Tool and then disc swapped and moved those files to my VMU for playing.

Not sure if that will work here with saves as well but worth a try.
kulgor View Profile
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4 years ago
Thank you atreyu187 and Anthony817.
johnnyj1985 View Profile
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3 years ago
awesome thanks.
taslimdude View Profile
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2 years ago
How can you backup the VMU Files to your Computer when there is no way to hook the Dreamcast to you PC or the VMUs?
shwoaps View Profile
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2 years ago
use dreamshell sd apaptor, it's wort it only for saves.
bobdole View Profile
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1 year ago
Thanks, Atreyu!

Btw, It looks like they are hosting this file again (and yes, I know this is more than 4 years old :P) just thought I'd mention it. And yes, this (0.8.5 is still the newest version)
DreamCat View Profile
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9 months ago
@taslimdude, Dreamshell is the only app to backup and load your VMU saves on SD card without the use of a rare and expensive cable.
psydefx View Profile
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4 months ago
does metropolis street racer really have vmu problems after unlocking the 44 extra blocks?
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