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For a complete English writtin guide, visit here:

*****Game has been tested as of 12/26/11. Self boot CDI and works great. I burned with ImgBurn. If you cant get it to work, its on your end, ask in the forums for advice-- Smashey*****

NOTE--- You must first use unpack, then inject to inject your CDDA into the CDI.If you dont do this, you wont have in game music

Code: Select all
    __|_____ _________________________________________________________|__
      |                                                              .|
      :          _ ___ _________      -  E  C  H  E  L  O  N  -    .::|
 ___ ________  _______ __      /  ___ ________________  _________   _________
    _____    \/     _/  /    _/___   _____    \      /_/    _    \__\  _     \
  _/    /   _/      |  /          \_/    /   //     / _____ /    /     /    //
 //    ____//       |_//    /     //    _____/    _/_/    //    /     /     /
    __|_________________________________________________________ _____|__
      |                                                               |
      `- Proudly Presents:

      Game.....: Fire Prowrestling D * Proper Rip * (C) Spike

      Origin...: JPN - NTSC           -  Filename.....: E-FPROWD.001
      Released.: March 2nd, 2001      -  Format.......: DiscJuggler (CDI)
      Platform.: Sega Dreamcast (DC)  -  CD(s)........: 1
      CD1 Info.: 8 RARS / 74 MINS     -  Ripped.......: Read Rip Notes

    - --- Release Notes ------------------------------------------------>
    Human, publisher and progenitor of the Fire Pro Wrestling series is
    gone (the travails of bankruptcy...) but the flame continues to
    flicker through Spike. In their first outing with the Fire Pro
    license, Spike combines the best elements of previous games and
    adds some new wrinkles to a renowned gaming lineage.
    Spot impressions: The presentation and visuals are little evolved
    from Fire Pro Wrestling G (PS) or Six Man Scramble on the Saturn.
    The wrestlers are slightly larger and better defined (muscles
    bulge and ripple) and the camera keeps on top of the action, often
    zooming in when the action gets hot and tangled. A variety of
    matches and modes may be played out including Barbed Wire Death
    Match, Victory Road, Six Man Tag and the internet only Battle
    Royale where eight individual modem players grab a wrestler and
    enter the ring.
    A huge number of Japanese wrestlers may be chosen but many WCW
    and WWF Americans are represented as well. All have been given
    fictional names due to licensing issues but a rename function
    is available to change monikers to the correct ones. For example,
    Steel Gold Steam Odin is the WWF's Stone Cold Steve Austin,
    although Steam Odin sounds okay also. NJPW's Hiro Saito is now
    Raising Hiro, and so on and so forth. Players bored with real
    world wrestlers may also create their own bruiser and endow him
    or her with over 1300 moves and choose from 280 faces.
    The gameplay remains true to form with a bounty of actions, moves,
    and grapples to perform. Fans familiar with the Fire Pro style
    will feel right at home, nothing much has changed in this
    department. The amount of options and moves make this a deep blue
    sea to discover, uncover, and master.

    Rip Notes:

    There were 2 lame rips of this one already circulating around the

    BBQ - This rip does not contain CDDA and it does not work on PAL

    Eurasia - This rip does contain CDDA but it is oversized, It is
              27 x 20MB (531,654,146 bytes)

    So now we present you what should hopefully be the *last* rip of
    this game, the PROPER one. This rip contains all of the CDDA tracks,
    but some were edited to make this one fit down to size. Mostly
    tracks that had the same tune repeated were edited. The game does
    loop the music. This rip also works fine on PAL systems unlike the
    previous one, and it weighs in at only 8 x 20MB (145,305,748 bytes).
    We think that the extra 390 MB is a total waste of bandwidth for
    both FTP sites & the enduser. Make sure you run UNPACK & INJECT
    prior to burning the CDI.

    - --- Group News --------------------------------------------------->

    Echelon - The only ones able to do it right!

    - --- Game Releases ------------------------------------------------>

    Num  Game Title & Publisher                    Origin      Date
    ---  ----------------------                    ------      ----
    001  Flag To Flag CART Racing (C) Sega Sports  USA/NTSC    09/04/00
    002  Deep Fighter (C) Ubisoft / Criterion      USA/NTSC    09/05/00
    003  Grand Theft Auto 2 (C) Take 2 / Rockstar  USA/NTSC    09/05/00
    004  Capcom VS. SNK - M.F. 2000 (C) Capcom     JPN/NTSC    09/05/00
    005  Dino Crisis (C) Capcom                    JPN/NTSC    09/06/00
    006  Vampire Chronicles For M.S. (C) Capcom    JPN/NTSC    09/06/00
    007  Carrier (C) Jaleco                        USA/NTSC    09/08/00
    008  Blue Stinger (C) Activision / Climax      USA/NTSC    09/10/00
    009  Vigilante 8 Second Offense (C) Activision EURO/P-N    09/11/00
    010  Marvel VS. Capcom: CoSH (C) Capcom        USA/NTSC    09/11/00
    011  Plasma Sword (C) Capcom                   USA/NTSC    09/13/00
    012  Mortal Kombat Gold With CDDA (C) Midway   USA/NTSC    09/14/00
    013  NFL Blitz 2001 (C) Midway                 USA/NTSC    09/16/00
    014  Dance Dance Rev.: Club Mix (C) Konami     JPN/NTSC    09/18/00
    015  ESPN Internat. Track & Field (C) Konami   EURO/P-N    09/18/00
    016  Ferrari F355 Challenge (C) Acclaim / Sega USA/NTSC    09/19/00
    017  San Francisco Rush 2049 (C) Midway/Atari  USA/NTSC    09/20/00
    018  Tetris 4D (C) BPS                         JPN/NTSC    09/20/00
    019  Caesar's Palace 2000 (C) Interplay        USA/NTSC    09/21/00
    020  Sega Worldwide Soccer Euro Ed. (C) Sega   EURO/P-N    09/23/00
    021  F1 World Grand Prix With CDDA (C) Sega    USA/NTSC    09/25/00
    022  Soul Fighter (C) Red Orb                  EURO/P-N    09/26/00
    023  South Park Rally (C) Acclaim              USA/NTSC    09/26/00
    024  Pen Pen Trilcelon (C) Infogrames          USA/NTSC    09/27/00
    025  Tokyo Xtreme Racer 2 (C) Crave / Genki    USA/NTSC    09/27/00
    026  Virtual-On: OT With CDDA (C) Activision   USA/NTSC    09/27/00
    027  The Ring (C) Infogrames                   USA/NTSC    09/28/00
    028  Dead or Alive 2 Limited Ed. (C) Tecmo     JPN/NTSC    09/28/00
    029  Maken X (C) Sega / Atlus                  USA/NTSC    10/01/00
    030  Hoyle Casino (C) Havas / Berkeley         USA/NTSC    10/02/00
    031  NBA Showtime: NBA On NBC (C) Midway       USA/NTSC    10/03/00
    032  Buzz Lightyear of Star Cmd (C) Activision USA/NTSC    10/04/00
    033  Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike (C) Capcom USA/NTSC    10/05/00
    034  Bangai-O (C) Treasure                     EURO/P-N    10/05/00
    035  Shenmue Chapter 1: Yokosuka (C) Sega/AM2  JPN/NTSC    10/06/00
    036  Eldorado Gate Volume 1 (C) Capcom         JPN/NTSC    10/08/00
    037  Silent Scope (C) Konami                   JPN/NTSC    10/09/00
    038  SW EP1: Jedi Power Battles (C) Lucas Arts USA/NTSC    10/11/00
    039  18-Wheeler: American Pro Trucker (C) Sega JPN/NTSC    10/11/00
    040  Frogger 2: Swampy's Revenge (C) Hasbro    USA/NTSC    10/13/00
    041  Sega Extreme Sports (C) Sega / Innerloop  EURO/P-N    10/14/00
    042  Sega Marine Fishing (C) Sega              USA/NTSC    10/18/00
    043  MTV Skateboarding (C) THQ                 USA/NTSC    10/18/00
    044  Samba De Amigo (C) Sega / Sonic Team      USA/NTSC    10/18/00
    045  Spawn: In The Demon's Hand (C) Capcom     USA/NTSC    10/19/00
    046  Urban Chaos (C) Eidos Interactive         USA/NTSC    10/22/00
    047  Quake III Arena (C) Sega / ID Software    USA/NTSC    10/24/00
    048  Silent Scope (C) Konami                   USA/NTSC    10/25/00
    049  Super Runabout: SF Edition (C) Interplay  USA/NTSC    10/26/00
    050  Spec Ops II: Omega Squad (C) South Peak   USA/NTSC    10/26/00
    051  Ready 2 Rumble: Round 2 (C) Midway        USA/NTSC    10/27/00
    052  Demolition Racer: No Exit (C) Infogrames  USA/NTSC    10/27/00
    053  Test Drive Le Mans (C) Infogrames         EURO/P-N    10/30/00
    054  Metropolis Street Racer (C) Sega/Bizarre  EURO/P-N    10/31/00
    055  Jet Grind Radio (C) Sega                  USA/NTSC    11/01/00
    056  4x4 Evolution (C) Gathering of Developers USA/NTSC    11/01/00
    057  Army Men: Sarge's Heroes (C) Midway / 3DO USA/NTSC    11/01/00
    058  Looney Tunes: Space Race (C) Infogrames   EURO/P-N    11/04/00
    059  Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 (C) Activision   USA/NTSC    11/08/00
    060  Maximum Pool (C) Sierra Sports            USA/NTSC    11/09/00
    061  Capcom VS. SNK - M.F. 2000 (C) Capcom     USA/NTSC    11/09/00
    062  Mars Matrix (C) Capcom                    JPN/NTSC    11/10/00
    063  Sonic Shuffle (C) Sega                    USA/NTSC    11/15/00
    064  102 Dalmatians (C) Eidos / Disney         USA/NTSC    11/15/00
    065  Cannon Spike (C) Capcom                   USA/NTSC    11/16/00
    066  GunBird 2 (C) Capcom                      USA/NTSC    11/16/00
    067  Dino Crisis (C) Capcom                    USA/NTSC    11/16/00
    068  Ms. Pac-Man Maze Madness (C) Namco        USA/NTSC    11/17/00
    069  Chicken Run (C) Eidos / Blitz             USA/NTSC    11/17/00
    070  Resident Evil 3: Nemesis (C) Capcom       USA/NTSC    11/17/00
    071  Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX (C) Acclaim      USA/NTSC    11/19/00
    072  Star Wars Demolition (C) Lucas Arts       USA/NTSC    11/21/00
    073  F1 World Grand Prix II (C) Video System   JPN/NTSC    11/22/00
    074  Rainbow Six Rogue Spear (C) Red Storm     USA/NTSC    11/22/00
    075  Moho (C) Lost Toys / Take 2               EURO/P-N    11/23/00
    076  StarLancer (C) Crave / Digital Anvil      USA/NTSC    11/24/00
    077  Disney's Dinosaur (C) Ubisoft             USA/NTSC    11/25/00
    078  Tomb Raider Chronicles (C) Eidos / CORE   USA/NTSC    11/25/00
    079  Sno-Cross Championship Racing (C) Crave   USA/NTSC    11/30/00
    080  WW To Beat Up A Millionaire? (C) Berkeley USA/NTSC    12/01/00
    081  F1 World Grand Prix II (C) Video System   EURO/P-N    12/05/00
    082  Charge N' Blast (C) Sims                  JPN/NTSC    12/05/00
    083  Prince of Persia: Arab. Nights (C) Mattel USA/NTSC    12/05/00
    084  Championship Pro Surfer (C) Mattel        USA/NTSC    12/06/00
    085  Q-Bert (C) Majesco / Hasbro               USA/NTSC    12/06/00
    086  POD Speedzone (C) Ubisoft                 USA/NTSC    12/07/00
    087  Grandia II (C) Game Arts / Ubisoft        USA/NTSC    12/08/00
    088  Rival Schools 2: B.J.A. (C) Capcom        JPN/NTSC    12/08/00
    089  The Grinch (C) Konami                     USA/NTSC    12/12/00
    090  GameShark CDX (C) InterAct                USA/NTSC    12/12/00
    091  Action Replay CDX (C) Datel               EURO/PAL    12/12/00
    092  Eldorado Gate Volume 2 (C) Capcom         JPN/NTSC    12/12/00
    093  Sega GT European Edition (C) Sega & Tose  EURO/P-N    12/14/00
    094  Speed Devils: Online Racing (C) Ubisoft   USA/NTSC    12/15/00
    095  KAO The Kangaroo (C) Titus                EURO/P-N    12/15/00
    096  Donald Duck Quack Attack (C) Ubisoft      EURO/P-N    12/16/00
    097  Samba De Amigo Version 2000 (C) Sega      JPN/NTSC    12/16/00
    098  Guilty Gear X (C) Sammy/Arc System Works  JPN/NTSC    12/17/00
    099  Max Steel: Covert Missions (C) Mattel     USA/NTSC    12/17/00
    100  Test Drive V-Rally (C) Infogrames         USA/NTSC    12/17/00
    101  Last Blade 2 - Final Edition (C) SNK      JPN/NTSC    12/19/00
    102  Daytona USA 2001 (C) Sega                 JPN/NTSC    12/20/00
    103  Sonic Adventure 2 The Trial (C) Sega      JPN/NTSC    12/21/00
    104  Aqua GT (C) Take 2                        EURO/P-N    12/21/00
    105  Evil Dead - Hail To The King (C) THQ      USA/NTSC    12/21/00
    106  BANG! Gunship Elite (C) Redstorm          USA/NTSC    12/23/00
    107  NFL 2K (C) Sega Sports / Visual Concepts  USA/NTSC    12/26/00
    108  NBA 2K (C) Sega Sports / Visual Concepts  USA/NTSC    12/26/00
    109  NFL 2K1 (C) Sega Sports / Visual Concepts USA/NTSC    12/26/00
    110  NBA 2K1 (C) Sega Sports / Visual Concepts USA/NTSC    12/26/00
    111  Vanishing Point (C) Acclaim               USA/NTSC    12/28/00
    112  ECW Anarchy Rulz (C) Acclaim              USA/NTSC    12/30/00
    113  King of Fighters Evolution (C) SNK        USA/NTSC    12/30/00
    114  Toy Racer (C) Sega / No Cliche            EURO/P-N    01/05/01
    ---  Prince of Persia: A.N. Repack (C) Mattel  USA/NTSC    01/06/01
    ---  Grandia II Repack (C) Ubisoft / Game Arts USA/NTSC    01/11/01
    115  Metropolis Street Racer USA (C) Sega      USA/NTSC    01/17/01
    116  Giga Wing 2 (C) Capcom / Takumi           JPN/NTSC    01/18/01
    117  Super Street Fighter 2 X (C) Capcom       JPN/NTSC    01/21/01
    118  Typing of The Dead (C) Sega               USA/NTSC    01/24/01
    119  F1 Racing Championship (C) Ubi Soft       EUR/NTSC    01/24/01
    120  UEFA Dream Soccer (C) Sega / Infogrames   EURO/P-N    01/26/01
    121  Sega Smash Pack Volume 1 (C) Sega         USA/NTSC    02/03/01
    122  Draconus: Cult of The Wyrm (C) Crave Ent. USA/NTSC    02/06/01
    123  Charge 'N Blast (C) Infogrames            USA/NTSC    02/08/01
    124  Iron Aces (C) Infogrames / Xicat          USA/NTSC    02/10/01
    125  Hundred Swords (C) Sega / Smilebit        JPN/NTSC    02/14/01
    126  NBA Hoopz (C) Midway                      USA/NTSC    02/16/01
    127  European Super League (C) Virgin          EURO/P-N    02/27/01
    128  Surf Rocket Racer (C) Crave Entertainment USA/NTSC    03/01/01
    129  Ducati World Racing Challenge (C) Acclaim USA/NTSC    03/02/01
    130  Fire Prowrestling D *ProperRip* (C) Spike JPN/NTSC    03/02/01

    - --- Fixes / Trainers / Miscellaneous Releases -------------------->

    Num  Game Title & Publisher                    Origin      Date
    ---  ----------------------                    ------      ----
    001  DC Self-Boot Tutorial (C) Echelon         ALL/ALL     09/19/00
    002  SF Rush 2049 Country Fix (C) Midway/Atari USA/NTSC    09/21/00
    003  Pen Pen Trilcelon RGB Fix (C) Infogrames  USA/NTSC    09/27/00
    004  SF III: 3rd Strike RGB Fix (C) Capcom     USA/NTSC    10/06/00
    005  Eldorado Gate Volume 1 Fix (C) Capcom     JPN/NTSC    10/09/00
    006  Tokyo Xtreme Racer 2 Save Fix (C) Crave   USA/NTSC    11/03/00
    007  GunBird 2 RGB Fix (C) Capcom              USA/NTSC    11/17/00
    008  R6 Rogue Spear RGB Fix (C) Red Storm      USA/NTSC    11/22/00
    009  ESPN NBA 2Night RGB Fix (C) Konami        USA/NTSC    11/24/00
    010  Grandia II CD2 Addon (C) Game Arts / Ubi  USA/NTSC    12/08/00
    011  The Grinch RGB Fix (C) Konami             USA/NTSC    12/12/00
    012  TD V-Rally CDDA Fix (C) Infogrames        USA/NTSC    12/22/00
    013  NBA 2K1 Fix (C) Sega / Visual Concepts    USA/NTSC    12/28/00
    014  Vanishing Point +6 Trainer (C) Acclaim    USA/NTSC    01/03/01
    015  Pop 'N Music 2 RGB Fix (C) Konami         JPN/NTSC    01/03/01
    016  Pop 'N Music 4 Append RGB Fix (C) Konami  JPN/NTSC    01/03/01
    017  Guilty Gear X +6 Trainer (C) Sammy / Arc  JPN/NTSC    01/05/01
    018  Fighting Vipers 2 +16 Trainer (C) Sega    JPN/NTSC    01/19/01
    019  Giga Wing 2 +13 Trainer (C) Capcom        JPN/NTSC    01/22/01
    020  Super SF 2 X +8 Trainer (C) Capcom        JPN/NTSC    01/22/01
    021  Dave Mirra BMX CDDA Fix (C) Acclaim       USA/NTSC    01/22/01
    022 Sega Smash Pk. ROM Loader (C) Echelon/Sega USA/NTSC    02/05/01

    - --- Contact ------------------------------------------------------>


    - --- Greetings ---------------------------------------------------->


    - -----------[ Echelon Dreamcast 2001 - There can only be one! ]---->

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(11 Comments) Latest comment was 2 years ago
Hardak View Profile
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4 years ago
This is probably the best wrestling game ever...
Mitch3one6 View Profile
Message User
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3 years ago
Can someone please tell what CDDA is?
BurnT View Profile
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3 years ago
CD Digital Audio... it's basically music tracks.
Mitch3one6 View Profile
Message User
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3 years ago
Can I put my own cdda tracks in this? I kind of don't like the original
Mitch3one6 View Profile
Message User
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3 years ago
Hope this works....
Mitch3one6 View Profile
Message User
Thank User
3 years ago
I'm burning this with IMGburn and I unpacked and injected the wavs. After it finishes the first burn, the second comes and IMGburn is still stuck on "analysing tracks (session 1, track 4 and it hasn't moved for 5 minutes. Any tips?
Mitch3one6 View Profile
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3 years ago
nvm i fixed it. boots and plays fine. thx for the upload! :D
DCDannyDoom23 View Profile
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2 years ago
How much longer till the patched version is out? Thanks Revive Dc, cant wait for the announcement.
comradesnarky View Profile
Message User
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2 years ago
I don't know. I've had a lot of s*** going on that has made setting aside time for things like this difficult. I'm trying to get my ducks in a row.
DCDannyDoom23 View Profile
Message User
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2 years ago
Yeah, it is quite a load I can tell from playing this version. I also wish ES(3disc) AT LEAST had a eng trans site/pdf. How I managed to play this game a bit. It will be worth the wait i am sure.
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Good C and E drive for xbox
just a FYI. these are not CLEAN files. it contains modded files
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Tekken 2 (Complete Version)
thanks - classic game, a big leap from the first game! :D
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